Arabian Women in Armed Conflict : «means of empowerment of International Protection»

Prof. Badria AlAwadhi
Professor of International Law and Human rights Law in Kuwait International Law School


The present Study addressed a very significant topic relating to the protection of Arabian Women from serious violations of the Four Geneva Conventions and its Protocols, which should be applicable during International and Non-International Armed Conflicts. This Study also, outlined certain procedures and measures that may lead to the empowerment of Arabian Women of the International Protection in these ruthless situations, since these Fundamental Guarantees are obligatory to Arab Countries as a State Party to the International Conventions that formulate International Humanitarian Law.
Unfortunately, the Arabian Women are one of the most women in the world who suffered from Armed Conflicts continuously, due to the Arab-Israeli Conflict in one hand, in addition to the National Conflict against dictatorial Regime in this Region in the other hand, which constitute a serious threat to the Human Security of individual and national security of the Arab Countries. These dreadful situations require everyone, without discrimination, to have full knowledge of the protections embodied under International Humanitarian Law, which should not be less than to our knowledge of our National law, not only to protect ourselves, but also as a means to enhance the Humanitarian Principles to all Civilian Population and Civilian Objects, and in particular, the protection of International Humanitarian law related to the fundamental rights for human beings in time of peace and war. In addition, this Study includes several proposals, which may lead for the empowerment of Arabian Women of International Guarantees on National and Regional level.

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