COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Competition Law in France

Habiba Bhouri
Teacher Assistant, Kuwait International Law School
PHD student, University of Lyon 3-Jean Moulin, France


This paper discusses the impact of the Corona pandemic on French competition law, through an analytical methodology based on extrapolating decisions of the French Competition Authority, decrees and ordonnance issued by French authorities, in addition to the text of European regulation, and European cases. This paper debates the procedures of the French competition authorities during the pandemic period aimed at assisting companies in the country and in adapting the procedures for controlling the merger process by enforcing the use of communications for notifications while warning users of the possible extension of merger deadlines. This paper reached a set of results, including the importance of changing and adapting the procedures of the French competition authorities and their impact on this crisis, which led to a reaction to the concerns and questions of economic operators. Competition authorities have remained vigilant and have repeatedly demonstrated their steadfast determination to continue pursuing illegal practices. In light of the previous results, the research recommends the necessity of continuing resistance to competition authorities to the challenges of the crisis and its effects on prices. In the short term, they may need to take action to determine where and when prices will rise in the supply chain and take temporary action or send warning messages to quickly end the offending behavior. These authorities should also coordinate their actions with consumer protection authorities, to protect consumers from unfair pricing practices.

Keywords: Competition authority, Companies rescue, defending action, European commission, Transparency.

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