Enhancing Judicial Protection Through Declaration on Social Media

Dr. Ahmed Sayed Ahmed Mahmoud
Associate Professor – Civil Procedures – School of Law – University of Qatar


The judicial declaration of pleadings, as the most important litigation procedure before the courts, which fulfills the requirements of the right of defense and the principle of confrontation between adversaries and the right of the adversary to learn about proceedings, has become a fertile ground for the adversaries’ attempts to slow down litigation proceedings. Therefore, legislative, judicial and jurisprudential efforts are intensified to combat the phenomenon of slow litigation in this important procedure.
In view of the rapid developments in the world of information technology and the digital revolution, which have led to the rapid introduction of electronic means in various aspects of social, cultural, economic, commercial and other life aspects, it is necessary to dedicate these developments to achieve “litigation logistics”, which is access to justice in the least time, effort and cost possible, towards the use of modern electronic means of judicial declaration through the Internet.
The developments in the use of e-mail did not stop at the judicial declaration. As a result of the latest technology on the Internet, social media such as Facebook and Twitter have made a huge leap in communication through the Internet, where people spend most of their time on a daily basis, and to which they pay a great deal of attention. This has led to approving social media in the judicial declaration by the recent jurisprudence in many countries due to its advantages compared to other means of declaration.
This paper seeks to examine the legislative basis of the judicial declaration through social media in comparative laws, including Arab laws, especially

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