Human Trafficking Crimes: A Comparative Study between the UAE and Kuwaiti Laws

Dr. Emad El Din Mohamed Kamel Abdel Hamid
Assistant Professor of Criminal Law – Imam Malik College for Sharia and Law – Dubai – UAE


This research deals with the subject of human trafficking crimes, a comparative study between the UAE law and the Kuwaiti law on combating trafficking in human beings. The research aims to present the position of UAE and Kuwaiti legislators on how to commit the physical element and the moral pillar of human trafficking crimes under modern scientific technological progress and organized criminal gangs.
The main finding of this research is that according to the UAE law against trafficking in human beings, the criminal responsibility of the perpetrator of such crimes does not take place if committed with the consent of the victim or his approval.
On the other hand, according to the Kuwaiti Anti-Trafficking Law, the criminal responsibility of the perpetrator of such crimes is committed immediately, even if committed with the consent or acquiescence of the victim and without the use of any means of material or moral coercion.
The most important recommendations are that the Kuwaiti legislator should include a text that criminalizes the publication of the names or photographs of victims or witnesses in human trafficking crimes in order to ensure the protection of victims of trafficking.

Keywords: organized crime, modern scientific and technological progress, penal policy.

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