Issue 42

Volume 11

Shaban 1444 AH

Issue 42 March 2023 AD
ISSN 24102237  

National Assembly Amendments to Articles (97) and (98) of its Internal Regulations and its Impact on Governance and Legislation Quality

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

In a bid to expedite the legislative session of law proposals submitted by its members in the aim of addressing urgent societal issues and requirements that cannot tolerate delay, the National Assembly approved last November a proposed law amendment of Articles (97) and (98) of its internal regulations proposed by a number of its members stipulating that law proposals are referred directly to the relevant committees without going through the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee as was previously the case. The amendment was issued in the Official Gazette (Kuwait Al-Youm) by Law No. 53 of 2022, in Issue No. 1613, the sixty-ninth year, on December 11, 2022.

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