Legal Aspects of the Economic Empowerment of Women: A Study in Qatari Commercial Laws and Related Legislation

Dr. Faten H. Hawa
Associate Professor of Commercial Law
College of Law – University of Qatar


This study examines the legal aspects of women›s economic empowerment through an analysis of national trade legislation and related legislation in the field of economic empowerment. The study discusses the rights of women in the Trade Law, the Companies Law, the Investment Laws and other laws of an economic nature, in addition to the Labor Law, the Law of Human Resources and other laws of social and civil nature, for the purpose determining the legal status of women in Qatar and the mechanism of women empowerment in accordance with these national legislative enactments and international standards.
The research focuses on the right of women to engage in business activities and their rights to equal remuneration and guarantees of these rights to ensure their economic empowerment in light of the efforts of the State of Qatar to promote and enhance women›s economic empowerment based on national priorities and international mandates.
The study concludes with a set of findings and recommendations calling for revising and amending specific provisions of the law, especially with regard to women’s legal capacity to conduct commercial transactions, whether nationals or foreigners to ensure the unification and harmonization of the rules of law. I will also suggest that the results of this study should be considered in drafting the elements of the Qatar National Report submitted to the United Nations on the extent to which the State of Qatar implements the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and other relevant international legal instruments.

Keywords: women’s empowerment, trade law, economic rights, women’s rights, equality

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