Legal Challenges of Competition between Air Carriers: An Analytical Study

Muhammad Issa Al-Azb
PhD Researcher, Faculty of Law
Ajman University, UAE


This research paper aims to study and analyze the legal challenges of competition between air transport companies, and how to address internal or global regional legislation to reduce monopolistic competition and the concentration of economic forces that threaten the air transport market. The researcher used the analytical method to analyze the important role of competition between air transport companies, which leads to lower prices for services such as transporting goods and passengers and encouraging regional or international tourism.
This competition also works on the multiplicity of options for the consumer to choose the most appropriate means according to his consumption ability. The researcher has reached the conclusion of the necessity of regulating the competitive market between airlines by countries and complying with the rules and provisions of the International Civil Aviation Organization regarding fair competition set forth in air service agreements. The researcher also recommends reviewing competition laws and rules stipulated in national laws.

Key words: air transport, freedom of competition, air transport contract, competition regulation, monopoly.

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