Response to Covid-19: Distance Learning in Kuwait from Educational and Legislative Perspectives

Dr. Waleed Khalid Alenezi
Assistant Professor – Curriculum and Instruction Department – College of Education – University of Kuwait
Dr. Abdulrahman F. Alhajri
Assistant Professor – Public Law Department – Kuwait International Law School


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many challenges that have affected many life spheres, and education is not an exception. The disease preventive measures result in the fact that distance learning is considered an optimal educational option, meaning that multiple educational establishments should do their best to implement this approach. Thus, the given study is going to assess how this concept is presented in Kuwait. The research question is: How is a concept of distance learning presented in Kuwait from educational and legal perspectives to promote the productive use of this teaching approach against the pandemic’s background? The study uses a qualitative methodology and relies on semi-structured questions to answer this question. This approach allows for concluding that the concept of distance learning is underrepresented from a legal perspective, while sufficient attention is drawn to this issue from a legal point of view. It denotes that the Kuwaiti legislation bodies should enhance the coverage of distance learning in the country.

Keywords: distance learning, Kuwait, educational perspective, legal perspective.

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