Special Supplement – Issue No 4 – Part 2

Special Supplement – Issue No 4 – Part 22021-07-15T09:05:46+00:00

The Role of the Constitutional Judiciary and the Supreme Courts in Protecting Rights and Freedoms

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

The role of the constitutional judiciary and the supreme courts in democratic and legal countries is an essential and decisive role in protecting public and private rights and freedoms from the abuse and deviations of the authority. This role finds its basis not only in universal declarations, national constitutions, laws or customs, but in the conscience, awareness, education and training of judicial practitioners, as well as the regulations, laws and rules of their organizational and professional bodies, in a way that qualifies them to settle various disputes, especially political, constitutional, electoral, partisan and financial disputes, with impartiality, objectivity and efficiency. This does not mean that the personnel of this facility do not commit mistakes nor fall under pressure; these systems contain mechanisms for resolving any defect or encroachment.

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