The Characterisation of Armed Conflict and Targeted Killing of Suspected Terrorists under International Humanitarian Law: Reflections on the Future of Jus in Bello

Dr. Sana Mir
Lecturer in Law – School of Law – Middlesex University – London – UK
Dr. Anthony Cullen
Senior Lecturer – School of Law – Middlesex University – London – UK


The use of drones for the targeted killing of suspected terrorists has raised a number of complex legal issues for scholars and practitioners in field of international law. This paper will focus on the applicability of international humanitarian law in such situations and the characterization of drone warfare as armed conflict.
In this context, the scope of armed conflict as a concept of international humanitarian law will be explored. In doing so, emphasis will be placed on the need for accountability to ensure greater compliance with international law.

Keywords: International law, drones, Unmanned Ariel Vehicles, international human rights law, war crimes, Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaty.

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