The Criteria of Misleading Actions in Medicinal Products Advertisements in Light of the Provisions of the UAE Medicinal Products Law No. 8/2019

Mrs. Shouq Husein Shweiki
PhD. researcher
College of Law, University of Sharjah, UAE
Dr. Mahmoud Ibraheem Fayyad
Associate Professor of Private Law
College of Law, University of Sharjah, UAE


This study presented the standards and controls of truly misleading commercial advertisements in the field of medicinal products in the light of the UAE health legislations, and their compatibility with respective international standards, with the aim of proposing legal texts that the study recommended including in the executive regulations – under preparation – of the UAE Medicinal Products Law of 2019. The study initially examined the different definitions of medicinal products in the relevant UAE health legislations and compared them with the definitions contained in international standards for the purposes of unifying and controlling the scope of the ban, to finally come out with a comprehensive definition of medicinal products. Then the study moved, in its second part, to researching the standards of misleading actions contained in the relevant national laws. It concluded that these standards are insufficient after displaying many advertising models in common practice, and through the use of relevant international standards. The study presented legal proposals for texts to be included in the executive regulations of the Medicinal Products Law of 2019, which is under preparation by the UAE legislators.

Key words: medicinal products, actual deception in medicinal products, misleading advertisements, consumer protection.

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