The Developed Methods for the Enforcement of the Administrative Judgments: French Experience Model

Dr. Jihad Deif Allah Thiab Al-Jazi
Assistant Professor of Administrative Law – Faculty of Law – Amman Arab University – Jordan


This paper sheds light on the enforcement of the administrative Judgments under the French legal system which recently developed an effective method to ensure the enforcement of such judgments and impose threatening fine on this management if this rule did not commit to enforcing these awards. Whereas all the legislation reforms at the French legislative have been analyzed in the context of this issue starting from 1980 which gave a right to issue judicial orders to the French state council. Thereafter, in 1995 the scope of these reforms have expanded to give right to the administrative courts and appeal administrative courts to practice these means. On the other hand, this paper addresses the possibility to apply these means on the Jordan legal system. The result shows the lack of these means to the context of Jordan, in particular, under the administrative law. It is recommended for the Jordan legal system to adopt the French experience and apply its means in terms of the enforcement of administrative judiciary judgments by modifying article 34 of the administrative judiciary law, No. 27 of 2014.
Keywords: Administrative judgments, developed instruments, judiciary orders, threatening fine, France, Jordan.

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