The Effect of Full Ownership on the Zakat of the Public and Private Endowment: An Analytical Jurisprudence Study

Dr. Mohammed Mutlaq Hamdan Shalah
College of Sharia and Islamic Studies – University of Kuwait


This study deals with the subject of the full property effect on zakat of public and private endowment, by introducing the concepts of (zakat, endowment, full property). The study then addresses the effect of full ownership on zakat of public and private endowment by shedding light on the meaning of full property, its definition and criteria, and the difference between full and partial property. This is followed by a ruling regarding the endowment zakat, since full ownership is a vital condition in this ruling, thus it cause d disagreement among jurists in this regard.
The research was concluded by stating the jurists’ different views regarding zakat of public and private endowment as some believed that zakat is obligatory while others believed it is not. The researcher realized that full ownership is one of the vital conditions affecting the ruling in this regards. Therefore, the researcher has stated the validity of the trend believing in the necessity of zakat for private endowments due to full ownership.

Keywords: Zakat, endowment, legal objectives, the condition of full ownership, the condition of ownership, public benefit.

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