The experience of the Algerian parliamentary opposition in the area of proposal Discuss and develop laws

Prof.Najy Abdulnoor
Chairman of Scientific Committee – Faculty of Law and Political Science -University of Baji Mokhtar – Annaba – Algeria


This paper seeks to analyze the role of parliamentary opposition as a mechanism for improving and developing legal texts trough their presence in Parliament, its structures and competent bodies in the manufacture of legislation by providing suggestions, options and alternatives policy to the existing government, with a view to promoting the law and its quality so as to respond to the inspiration of citizens and the objectives of comprehensive development under a stable political system. The paper presented a central question on the success of the experience of parliamentary opposition in the organs and bodies of Parliament in the activation of legislation and its quality in an Arab political system that has constitutionally recognized the rights of opposition (Algerian experience)?.
The results of the study showed that the constitution of the rights of the parliamentary opposition and its rights and mechanisms did not contribute adequately to enriching the legislative production and its quality due to cultural and organizational obstacles that emerged during practice, and in the relation between authorities. Accordingly, the paper proposed recommendations to activate the legislative role of parliamentary opposition from internal party reform to parliamentary governance managed by qualified elite with constitutional expertise

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