The Foundations of the Validity of the Sharia´a for All Times and Places

Dr. Manal Abdullah Ali Ahmed
Vice Dean and Assistant Professor – Department of Islamic Jurisprudence – School of Sharia´a and Law – University of Omdurman – Sudan


The main objectives of this study are to clarify the principles of jurisprudence that underlie the principles of the validity of the Sharia’a for all times and to remedy the human condition in all cases by focusing on the methods of raising and setting the rules and bases on which Ijtihad issues are based, rather on interests and desires.
The study relied on the reasons behind the choice of the subject. First of all, the preservation of the human social system is in strict accordance with the purposes of Sharia’a calling for reform by raising the main question: How to balance the principles of stability and flexibility? The method used in this study is the inductive approach by tracking the components of – branches – to the faculties (assets), in addition to the analytical approach and the comparative approach.
The study reached logical results, the most important of which is that the good construction of the Muslim community is based on the commitment to the religious and ethical principles and values, while not neglecting flexibility in what should change and develop such as methods and approaches. In conclusion, the study suggested some of the recommendations based on the results, including: returning to Islam as a way of life and providing the best model of values and ethics in our Islamic world.

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