The Kuwaiti law in combating information technology crimes: a comparative study

Dr. Bokrin Abdel Halim
faculty of law and political science – University of Laghouat – Algeria


The Kuwaiti legislator issued law No. (63) for the year 2015 on combating the crimes of information technology, and thus he joined the countries actively seeking to combat this kind of criminality, while some other countries are still hesitant or issue some modest provisions that often not adequate for this purposes.

Through our study of this law, we found that the Kuwaiti legislator worked hard to provide criminal protection against various cybercrime. We find that it provides for some crimes that have been overlooked by comparative legislation. However, the law on combating the crimes of information technology in Kuwait has also failed to mention some forms of cybercrime and to address the procedural side of this type of crime. We have tried to read the law in a comparative reading by comparing it with some comparative legislation. In particular Saudi legislator, the Algerian legislator, and the Arab Convention to combat cybercrime, to conclude in the latter some conclusions and recommendations.

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