The Limits of the Competences of the Economic Regulators in Attracting Foreign Investment in Algeria: A Comparative Study

Dr. Noureddine Barri
Lecturer “A”, Faculty of Law and Political Science
University Abderrahmane Mira, Béjaïa, Algeria


Generally, control is a new concept in the legal system of North African countries, including Algeria, like the concept of good governance, the distribution of jurisdiction, or partnership. Economic control mainly aims to attract foreign investment by granting various competencies to independent regulatory bodies in the financial and economic fields, so that these bodies work to improve the quality of administrative control over investments in areas subject to the technology of economic control. In order to achieve the objectives of economic control with full required effectiveness, the aforementioned bodies must be organically and functionally independent of the executive authority and economic agents.
However, the condition of independence remains difficult to achieve within the framework of a legal system characterized by legislative inflation that does not serve the principle of stability of legal texts and transactions. The economic control mechanism is an opportunity for countries that have devoted it to achieving economic development by attracting foreign investments and diversifying their economies outside the hydrocarbon sector.

Key words: economic activity, investment, investment regulation, investment promotion, administrative control, independent judiciary.

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