The Problematic of Similarity of Names and the Role of Civil Number in Solving it

Dr. Abdulkareem R. Al-Enezi
Assistant Professor of Civil Law – Department of Law – College of Business Studies – PAAET – Kuwait


This study sheds light on a phenomenon that has spread in several countries, including Kuwait, which is the problem of similarity of names. The civil name given to natural persons is the traditional legal means of discerning between individuals. However, reality proved that there are many cases in which the similarity of individuals names results in legal disputes that require judicial adjudication.
This means that the system of civil name is incapable of fulfilling its purpose, which makes the matter worthy of legal discussion to consider the problem and propose an appropriate solution. The study concluded the importance of the civil number in solving the problem of similarity of names by expanding the use of this legal data including in legal judicial procedures.

Keywords: Civil Name, Similarity of Names, Civil Number, Civil Information, Legal Personality

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