The Role of the Administrative Judiciary in Strengthening the Principle of Transparency in Capital Markets: An Analytical Study in Light of the Egyptian State Council Decisions

Dr. Mohamed Salah Abou Ragab
Legal Consultant – Qatar University
Dr. Tarek Gomaa Rached
Assistant Professor – College of Law – Qatar University


Transparency is one of the main pillars of trading in the stock exchange market. It represents an important means to strengthen the financial market by providing appropriate and accurate information to investors, lenders and dealers in the capital market which would in turn increase corporates’ efficiency and activity.
Having said that, the administrative judiciary assumes a significant role in preserving and promoting the principle of transparency in the capital market authority by establishing legal principles related to transparency, disclosure and equality.
This research essentially examines and analyses a number of administrative judiciary precedents that have promoted the principle of transparency by establishing a number of legal principles related to the obligation to disclose information, corporate governance and good governance. The article also sheds light on the administrative judiciary’s review authority over governmental decisions which violate and hinder principles of disclosure, transparency and equality.

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