The Role of the Guarantee Fund in Compensating Traffic Accidents Victims: A Comparative Study between French Law and Syrian Law

Dr. Ismael Al Khalfan
Assistant Professor of Civil Law – Faculty of Law – Gaziantep University – Turkey


The Traffic Accident Guarantee Fund aims to compensate the affected people or their heirs when they cannot obtain compensation for the damage caused to them by others. The establishment of this fund reaffirms the role of the general guarantee principle that aims not to leave any traffic accident victim without being compensated.
The compensation paid by the Traffic Accident Guarantee Fund is subject to exceptional conditions and procedures, which differ from one law to another, but they are, in general, proportional to its reserve role.
This study compares the role of the Guarantee fund in compensating the victims of traffic accidents between the French and Syrian laws, analyzing the legal texts in each of them and explaining their pros and cons, with an attempt to end up with conclusion which help to develop the job of the Traffic Accident Guarantee Fund in the new Syria, and to do that, as perfectly as possible, building on the leading French experience in this field.

Keywords: compensation, damage, insurance, civil liability, guarantee.

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