Towards A Special Legislation for the Protection of Consumers in the Stages of the Contract in Jordanian Law: A Comparative Study

Dr. Bashar Talal Almoumeny
Associate Professor – Civil Law – College of Law – University of Sharjah – UAE


The researcher approached an idea that still under debate in many countries concerning consumer protection at the stages of negotiation, conclusion and execution of the contract.
The importance of the research is represented in the point that there are no special legal rules in the Jordanian legislation concerning consumer protection from the risks of the consuming process during the stages of the contract despite the emergence of many legislations governing it in many comparative countries, so we found that it is necessary to approach this issue as an attempt to find a legislative plan towards a special law for consumer protection in Jordan.
The subject had been approached in three fields, each of which was devoted to a stage of the contract. The researcher concluded that with many conclusions and recommendations that may constitute a source or support to the development of the existing consumer protection laws and the special legislation to be enacted in Jordanian law.
Key words: consumer, consumer protection, consumer contract, civil law.

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