Volume 10 – Special Supplement – Issue 10

Volume 6 Rabii 1/ Rabii 2 1440
Issue 4 December 2018
ISSN 24102237

Law in the Historical and Civilized Context: A Renewable and Flexible System (1-4)

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

Well done to the administration of Kilaw’s Annual International Academic Conference for choosing “The Historical Roots of Legal Theories and Codes” as a title for its eighth session, because of the important topics it raises in various fields of law and its specializations, and for the curricula and methods it advocates through researching these topics, which require rooting, in-depth, discussion, argument and criticism revealed by research, presented by dozens of specialized professors, that will be published in four appendices to the Kuwait International Law School Journal.
In the context of following up and keeping pace with these appendices, we have opted to raise some specific topics that we believe are important, and that would contribute to enriching discussions related to the need to renew the construction of legal thought, its message and its role in the renaissance and development of societies. The first of these issues is the necessity of looking at law in the historical and civilized context of nations and societies as an integrated system, rooted, crystallized and developed as a result of accumulated legal, legislative, judicial and jurisprudence works as they interact and renovate to meet the requirements of private and public affairs, and internal and external relations.

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