Countries’ Commitment to Implement International Legal Rules Related to Public Health and the Role of WHO in Combating the Coronavirus Pandemic

Prof. Emran Mahafzah
Associate Professor – Public International Law
School of Law – University of Jadara – Jordan
Dr. Diala Altaani
Associate Professor – Public International Law
Faculty of Law – University of Al Yarmouk – Jordan


This study covered the role of China and the World Health Organization in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. It shed light on international responsibilities and those of WHO relating to public health and analyzing their commitment to those responsibilities. The study concluded that China and WHO have made every effort in taking all means and measures to maintain public health. As for other states, some abided by their legal obligations and followed the recommendations of specialized professionals, which has been reflected in the successes that were achieved by some states in halting the spread of the pandemic. On the other hand, some other countries disregarded the recommendations of WHO, leading to a substantial increase in victims and causalities. This led to creating an obstacle facing the restoration of economic activity to its usual state. Also, it delayed settling the battle with the disease. The study recommended that solidarity and coordination among states is a need to prevent rumors and succeed in combating the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19).

Keywords: the right to health, pandemic, coronavirus pandemic.

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