Issue 34

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Regulating Competition and Antitrust:
A Substantial Global Legal Issue

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

The need to enact laws and legislations to regulate competition and limit monopoly is linked to the development of the capitalist economy in Western markets and societies, the opening of new markets, and the growth of inventions and intellectual and technological innovations. Social movements – represented in unions, civil society and consumer organizations – as well as bodies representing the business sector, especially owners of small and medium enterprises, have contributed to the demand for the activation of these laws and legislation and their implementation in a manner that preserves the interests of the various parties and achieves social justice.
These interrelated economic and social data have prompted an increase in legal awareness of the importance of legislation, laws and regulations that regulate competition and limit monopoly in various industries and markets. Law faculties around the world have allocated special courses for this purpose. Some of them have established departments …

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