Establishing the Consumer’s Right to Information in the Electronic Sales Contract According to the Provisions of the Algerian Law

Dr. Siham Derbal
Lecturer Professor “B”, Civil Law
University Center, Maghnia, Algeria


The electronic sales contract is one of the contracts that are in great demand at the present time, and this is due to the spread of dealing with various electronic means that made it easier for the consumer to view the various services and goods offered on the Internet. The electronic sales contract is concluded between the professional and the consumer, using modern communication technologies, and its place is to provide a product or service. So, it is necessary to provide actual protection to the consumer by giving him essential information about the product or service that allows him to conclude the sales contract while he is aware of its details.
Therefore, this study dealt with the consolidation of the consumer’s right to information in the electronic sales contract, which is one of the topics that bear a great deal of importance reflected in the interest of most legislation, including the Algerian legislation, in its legal regulation, especially with the issuance of Law 18-05 related to electronic commerce. Accordingly, addressing this legal problem called for addressing the legal protection granted by the Algerian legislator to the consumer, his right to the media, and the penalty for the supplier’s violation of this right, with the presentation of the various legal texts established to protect the consumer’s right to information.
We conclude from this that the Algerian legislator accompanied the great development of electronic transactions, especially the electronic sales contract, through Law 18-05, which included several legal articles regulating the electronic consumer’s right to information.

Key words: electronic sales contract, concept, media, consumer, penalty.

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