Information Technology Crimes and the Emerging Coronavirus Pandemic between the Actual and the Desired Reality: Fundamental Study

Dr. Muaath S. Al Mulla
Assistant Professor of Criminal Law – Kuwait International Law School


Many believe that there has been a decline in crime rates with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, which has spread throughout the world due to the imposition of preventive health measures. This is somewhat true for crime in its traditional sense. However, information technology crimes have increased, coinciding with calls by international organizations and government authorities to adopt electronic transactions instead of traditional transactions and to impose a policy of social distancing. In this research, we try to define and root the relationship between information technology crimes and the emerging Corona pandemic by presenting several topics that reveal to us the features of that relationship. So, we used the rooting approach, where we began by stating the importance of information technology tools and their role during this exceptional period, then explaining how those tools were used in the service of criminal activities and indicating the extent of their danger to the security of the individual and society. We concluded by presenting the mechanism of criminal confrontation for these activities and its adequacy, as well as the role of the executive authority that is entrusted with the task of implementing this mechanism to achieve effective protection.

Keywords: IT crimes, corona pandemic, e-dealing, legislative, personal data

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