Issue 22

New Publishing Regulations…Innovation and Creativity in the Selection of Legal Research Subjects

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

The current edition (June 2018) is considered the last issue to be published in accordance with the previous publication rules. Accordingly, the Editorial Board, in an exceptional action of appreciation and respect for the efforts of researchers who chose the journal to publish their research, by listing of (17) research in order to allow for the publication of as many researches as possible which submitted several months ago and was approved for publication earlier. At the same time, the editorial board renewed contact with several researchers, whose research is being listed for published in future issues, in order to review the final versions of their research. They contact the researchers as well who are currently refereed their research to encourage them to working according the new publishing rules. In addition, the Editorial Board will seek to address the researchers at the beginning of the new academic year (2018-2019), inviting them to publish in their journal in accordance with the new rules. The increasing demand of researchers and legal thinkers in the various Gulf and Arab …

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Compensation of Employees in Public Administrations for Work Accidents in Morocco

Dr. Bushra Nadir
Professor of Higher Education - Faculty of Juridical - Economic and Social Sciences - Souissi University of Mohamed V - Rabat - Kingdom of Morocco
Abdul Rahim Azghoudi
(PHD) Research Team on Environment - Development and Sustainable Law - Faculty of Legal - Economic and Social Sciences - Souissi, University of Mahomed V - Rabat - Kingdom of Morocco