Issue 26

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Volume 7 Shawwal 1440
Issue 2 June 2019
ISSN 24102237

‏Scientific and Academic Certificates… What is Required Goes Beyond Reliability and Credibility

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

‏The issue of forgery of scientific and academic certificates is raised from time to time. As the issue continues to receive great importance to the extent of occupying newspapers’ headlines, social media and the interests of large sectors of societies, it has become a public opinion issue. It also receives the attention of legislators, administrators and politicians, and is dealt with through legal procedures, by putting the Public Prosecution Office and the administrative bodies in charge of searching, investigating and submitting reports on the matter as well as referring the issue to the judiciary.
‏There is no doubt that this interest in certificates and their value is mainly due to/stems from the fact that receiving education at all levels and specializations, especially scientific ones, has become the main method through which nations and states develop and advance. This is reflected in the annual budgets allocated for that purpose and the rapid developments …

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