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Right to Information Law in Kuwait

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

Al-Kuwait Al-Yawm, the official Gazette, published in early September the text of Law No. 12 of 2020 regarding the Right to Information Law after it was approved by the National Assembly by a majority of 44 deputies and signed by the deputy of the Emir of Kuwait last August. It is a law consisting of 17 articles. Its approval has been the subject of popular demands for more than a decade, as it is a fundamental pillar of democracy in which sovereignty is for the people, and an indispensable element in constructing the system of the state of rights and law. It is also a necessity of spreading and adopting the values ​​of integrity and transparency through binding laws and procedures, especially after the State of Kuwait has approved the United Nations Convention against Corruption under Law No. 47 of 2006. This Convention called, in Article (10), states parties to guarantee the right to access and publish information.

In addition, this right is based in the Kuwaiti constitution in a number of articles, including Article (17) that obliges every citizen to protect public funds, which is not possible without obtaining information related to that. Article (26) / 1st paragraph stipulates that public jobs are a national service aimed at the public interest, allowing this service to be monitored and …

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