Special Supplement Issue No 3 Part 1

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The Role of Education and Academic Research in Promoting the Legal Guarantees

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

The Topic of «Contemporary challenges of legal guarantees in a changing world» was chosen to be a title for the fifth annual conference of Kuwait international law school in 2018 .To discuss the obstacles faced by the Arab and international legal system to protect the vital interests of societies in recent years and the efforts and jurisprudence to overcome them (obstacles)
There is no doubt that this subject of great importance and vitality, in which the gains of mankind are subjected to respect for the dignity and freedom of the human and guarantee the right to security, safety, initiative , economic and other to the real threat. In this direct sense, the fifth conference is a continuation of the fourth conference entitled «Law: a tool for reform and development». It also falls within the context of the third conference that dealt with the importance of governance for Arab societies. It reflects an integrated approach and a clear vision in determining the role and mission of Kuwait International Law School to contribute in highlighting vital societal issues and inviting researchers from different international legal schools to discuss and make judgments about them.           Read Full Text