The Impact of the E-Communication Tools on the Enforcement of Administrative Decisions

Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Shammari
Assist. Prof. of Administrative Law – College of Business Administration – University of Hafr Albatin – KSA


There is no doubt that the public administration’s keenness to innovate and keep abreast of the modern technological development within its activities has had the effect of transferring most of its work from the traditional reality to the electronic reality. Thus, the establishment of this modern system has in turn led to the emergence of the regular administrative behavior in its new form, especially administrative decisions which have come into existence by following certain electronic procedures. This system is also dependent on them in the achievement of its enforcement, implementation and termination.
This modern development has raised an important issue which is the extent of its legitimacy due to its connection to the most important management tool that is binding to related personnel which is the administrative decisions. As well as its extension to the most important stages which is its enforcement. It is this last stage that makes decisions valid and effective in the regular centers of individuals with their rights and obligations. What follows will be the disclosure of the position of the Saudi regulator regarding this development, and clarification of the measures that must be taken on his part to remove all the systemic obstacles that prevent the establishment of its existence and validity in a manner that does not raise the issue of its illegality, with the aim of creating the appropriate regulatory environment to accept the existing development and establishing it.

Keywords: electronic Management, Saudi legal authority, management work automation, electronic management decisions.

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