The Requirements for Good Legislative Drafting  and It’s Impact on Legal Reform

Lawyer Dr. Laith Kamal Nsarauin
Associate Professor of public law – faculty of law University of Jordan


This study addresses the topic of the main requirements for the legislative drafting process and its impact on the process of legal reform, so that the relationship between good drafting and legislative reform is evident in relation to the drafting of laws form the basic way which can convert State General policies and objectives to a consistent and coherent legal rules with each other easily applicable and can be invoked by individuals against the public authorities in the State on the one hand and facing each other on other hand.
legal rules are gaining such only if the result of a clear approach in their expression and formulation style makes the objective of legislation is palatable and easy implemented and within the public interest.
Therefore, this study has addressed from what legislative drafting as a tool that drafter can express the main objective from the legislation and will embody legal terms and phrases, plus photos and elements of legislative drafting.
This study also addressed serious legislative drafting requirements of prior steps on legislation and memoranda attached to the legislation and the impact of good legislative drafting on law reform, where the study concluded that the legislative drafting process and follow the foundations and principles upon which legal base output process into existence would have a positive impact on the reform of legislation and making it more appropriate for community needs and more applicable to legal personnel issued in order to organize.
Key words: legislative drafting, attached notes to the legislation, legislation, safety standards, the moral responsibility of the legislator.

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