Issue 20

Towards a New Stage in the Renewal and Development of Legal Thought and Research Methodology

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

In this issue, the journal of Kuwait International Law School has marked its fifth year, and the establishment phase has been successfully completed, both in terms of regularity and diffusion and in terms of attracting researchers and gaining their confidence, and more importantly, promoting the level of published legal research through the activation of the referral, review and follow-up systems.
There is no doubt that the figures and statistics available confirm the evaluation of the previous stage. The Editorial Department issued twenty (20) issues of the journal’s quarterly issue, which included a total of one hundred and sixty-two (162) research papers, one hundred and thirty four (134) of them were written in Arabic and twenty eight (28) in English. In addition, three (3) special supplements were published, including forty-eight (48) research papers which have been presented at the School’s annual conference, forty (40) of them were written in Arabic and eight (8) in English. While the majority of researchers included in the past issues are from the faculty of Kuwait International Law School and Kuwaiti universities and academic institutions …

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