Special Supplement Issue No 2 Part 2

Special Supplement Issue No 2 Part 22019-10-20T04:51:53+00:00

The Central Role of Law in the Area of ​Community Organization and Development

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

This second part of the special issue containing the research papers presented at the Fourth Annual Conference of Kuwait International Law School, which was held on May 10-11 under the title: “Law… An Instrument for Reform and Development”, includes a number of studies that seek to clarify the role of law in the reform and development of social fields through the positive critical approach. It started with the statement of the prohibitions to allow the expansion of the executive branch in the field of crimes, and the emphasis on guaranteeing the right of litigation by the Constitution under any pretext, warning against an expansion in the field of sovereignty.
In addition, it considered the importance of community partnership in the field of rebuilding the entire legislative system, represented in the Constitution and various laws, which is a guarantee against the failure and chaos surrounding such major projects. It ended with the presentation of the mechanisms of continuous legal development in Kuwait and other developing countries through committees or commissions reviewing laws or emphasizing the use of legal reasonableness and logic. The research also included the provisions and rules of the unified law of VAT in the GCC countries and the Kuwaiti Competition Law.            Read Full Text