Volume 6 Rabii 1/ Rabii 2 1440
Issue 4 December 2018
ISSN 24102237

Legislative and Legal Structure for the Development of Investment in the State of Kuwait

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

In recent years, the State of Kuwait has been keen to strengthen its legislative structure with regard to the development of local and foreign investments. This included the issuance of a law establishing the Direct Investment Promotion Authority No. 116 of 2013, then Resolution No. 502 of 2014 regarding the executive regulations of the law. This is in addition to successive decisions issued by the same authority concerning the Investment Register (2014), the foundations and rules for licensing branches and representation offices of foreign companies in the State of Kuwait (2014), and the list of prescribed fees for services provided by the Direct Investment Promotion Authority (2014). Moreover, the Cabinet issued a decision regarding determining the list of direct investments that are not subject to the provisions of the law No. 116 of 2013 regarding the promotion of direct investment in the State of Kuwait (2015), followed by the decision to create a single window and its detailed terms of reference (2016), regulating the work of establishing …

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