Issue 21

Issue 21

New Publishing Regulations

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

Starting with this issue, the journal wishes to publish its new publishing regulations, which were recently adopted by the Editorial Board after careful examination and evaluation. It has been sent directly to a number of researchers and to all the referees with whom the journal deals in order to implement these regulations and ensure adhering to them as they review and evaluate new research submitted for publication.
The Editorial Board decided to activate these regulations immediately, the following September being the point this process’s commencement. Therefore, the researches published in September will be presented in accordance with the new regulations, both in terms of form and content, with the following issues going along the same approach.
It has also been decided to include as many of the approved research as possible in the current issues as well as contacting researchers in order to amend their researches in accordance with the new regulations, noting that this does not detract from the value of these researches, on the contrary, it helps to highlight the main ideas of their research and to demonstrate the value it adds to the field. The preparation and drafting of these new regulations have been carried out in Kuwait International Law School with the participation  …

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