Special Supplement Issue No 2 Part 1

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A Deeper and Wider Renovation of Legal Thought.. Resurfaces the Agenda

By: Prof. Badria A. Al-Awadi

The legal system in the Arabic communities especially and third world societies generally, is passing through unprecedented throes, characterized by a decline in the respect for laws and a weakness in its position among different sectors and groups, where some influential and active in the economy, security and social aspects of the community. It is also characterized by the widespread of lawlessness and chaos in many cities, as the language of bullet and exclusion is now a substitute for dialogue and coexistence. Although human communities had lived in similar situations in its near history, as was the case of the two world wars and the war of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palestine, Iraq and others, which requires avoiding slipping back into such situations and seeking refuge in regulations, laws, development and reform, we are witnessing another wave of decline of the rule of law and a spread of chaos, corruption, tyranny and the narrow spaces of freedom and democracy that were acquired during previous phases, as confirmed by local and international reports regarding the functioning of institutions and the respect for laws, rights and freedoms.            Read Full Text